Address: 14 Enterprise Circuit, Prestons, NSW 2170

Phone: (02) 8783 0400

HAMAD JOUD - Director

Hamad Joud (Director) – Hamad Joud is the driving force of Fastform Group Australia Pty Ltd, and manages over all business operations of the company. Mr. Joud has extensive experience in all fields of construction and small business management.
Beginning at an early age, Hamad expressed interest in the trades. Instead of attending a traditional secondary school, Hamad opted to join the workforce as a formwork carpenter, where he explored all aspects of construction and engineering fields.
In the mid-1990s, Hamad decided to become a self-employed contractor and began his own small business. After a few years he managed to build a strong presence in the NSW market with unprecedented reputation, Hamad then became the sole director of the newly formed Fastform Pty Ltd in 2001, Mr. Joud changed the company's name to Fastform Group Australia Pty Ltd in 2014 to reflect the full spectrum of capabilities the company offers. His vision for the company is a one-stop construction service that provides exceptional building with local tradesmen and labour.